You've woken up in a world unlike any other. A kindly old man welcomes you to the world of Ravnica. Since you wouldn't survive without being a member of one of the ten Guilds of the world, you're going to do a survey to see which one fits you the best. It's not about magic... it's about philosophy. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Guild from Ravnica: City of Guilds are you?
You`ve woken up in a world unlike any other. A kindly old man welcomes you to the world of Ravnica. Since you wouldn`t survive without being a member of one of the ten Guilds of the world, you`re goin (more)
personality test

1Congratulations, you`ve won a new car! What color would you like it to be? (Assume it`s not bright neon if that doesn`t interest you.)
2Do your emotions drive you, or are you a bit more logical?
My emotions drive me.
3Are you introverted or extroverted?
4Which general class did you like the most in middle school?
Social Studies
5Let`s say you`re playing a WoW-style game. Out of these, which one would you play?
Summoner (Non-Undead)
Necromancer (Undead)
Archer / Ranged
6You wake up and you have super powers. You vow that you will use your powers to....
Help Others
Help Yourself
Others... but there`s nothing wrong with making my life a little more bareable...
7Are most of your interested related, or do you like drastically different things?
My interests tend to have similarities
My interests tend to be widely different
8I would say I`m the most passionate about... own pleasure
... the enviroment
... controversial political issues
.... the latest electronics / technology
I don`t consider myself a passionate person.
9Is the enviroment something that is important to you? If yes, why?
Yes. Wide open spaces, wonderful beauty... what`s not to love?
Yes. Seeing how nature copes with obstacles is inspiring to me.
Yes. Seeing the predator/prey relationship is facinating to me.
Yes. Sometimes, being away from civilization is refreshing.
No. The enviroment isn`t high up on my list.
10You`re in a bad situation, given two options: a week of volunteer work, or a day in jail and a fine that, while not crippling, is enough to hurt you. Which do you choose?
A week of working as a fund raiser for a charity
A week of working at Support-Our-Troops rallies
A week of working at a homeless shelter
A week of working at a criminal rehab place
Those options don`t interest me. A day in jail and a fine is acceptable.
11On the first day of one of your classes, you`re posed with a situation: You can do a 15 page essay on a topic of your choice (due date: two weeks from now) and get an A+ for the entire semester. Or, you can opt out and have to take the class.
I`ll do a paper on a famous historical politician
I`ll do a paper on how certain animals survive in hostile enviroments
I`ll write a paper about the latest technology or other new thing
I`ll write a paper about a recent scandal
Those options don`t interest me. I`ll just go to class.
12A ragged looking man comes up to you. He shows you a glowing orb, and tells you it contains what you desire. Something tells you he`s telling the truth. Would you take it?
A way to harm those who would harm my family? Sure.
The power to feed an entire world? Sure.
A way to feel good for the rest of my days? Sure.
A way to understand anything I want to? Sure.
Ragged looking men. Glowing orbs. Yeah, I think I`ll pass.
13Old and Reliable, or New and Untested?
If it ain`t broke, don`t fix it. Old/Reliable.
It`ll only be untested once - New/Untested!
Whatever works
14Are you an individualist?
No, I perfer working with others
15Finally... which one of these two-word pairs interests you the most?
Money and Power
Justice and Brotherhood
Research and Discovery
Growth and Adaptation
Life and Death
Exctasy and Agony
Freedom and Perseverance
Unity and Peace
Law and Order
Knowledge and Control

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