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Which Nine Inch Nails album are you?
an astral travel through your brain. (e)
personality test

1would you vote, if you could?
no, my vote doesn`t matter against thousands.
maybe, i don`t know. i have other things to worry about.
yes, of course i`d vote.
everybody must vote. it`s one of the most important things in life.
2which clothes do you wear?
casual stuff, nothing special. just like my friends.
i like cool jackets and i like wearing black.
all black and some cool combat boots.
i don`t care about clothing categories.
less is more.
3what kind of plant would you like to be?
a flower. beauty is important.
a tree. i`d love a long life.
a bush. nothing special.
a cactus.
4whats your favorite color?
cool color. nothing happy.
bright colors, a sign of hope.
i don`t care about colors.
5let`s get into detail about your pesonality. how would you describe yourself?
young, naive, happy.
angry, depressed, filled with rage.
calm, friendly, smart.
afraid, thoughtful, isolated.
6you see a nervous guy in a supermarket. as he walks by, you notice that he propably hasn`t showered in the last five days. he catches your interest and you keep watching him. suddenly you notice that he is stealing some food and drinks.
you wouldn`t do anything.
i would make him stop by shouting "he`s a shoplifter!"
i`d tell him that this is not right, and if he needed money, i`d give him some.
i`d steal something too, and then, follow him out of the store and give it to him.
i`d report him to the shopkeeper.
i wouldn`t know what to do.
i`d stop him personally, and tell him that it`s not right.
7what do you think about religion?
i hate any kinds of religion. people should open their eyes.
i`m a religious person. at least a little bit.
religion causes dead people.
i really don`t care much about it.
sometimes, i can be a little bit religious.
8choose a band you would like to play in.
joy division
i`d start a new band.
depeche mode
i`d like to team up with bowie.
guns `n roses
i`d like to make love to peter wentz.
i want to answer "nine inch nails" but i cant find it. where did you hide it, asshole?
9what do you associate with the word "reznor"
a very talented musician
a successful musician
trent reznor is hot.
electronic music at it`s best
i love reznor heaters.
heavy music, and a tortured soul
he was a cool guy when he was young.
he is a cool guy, now that he is sober.

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