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Do you have magical powers?
Find out if your magical! My first quiz, please comment!
personality test

1You chose this quiz because...
it was predicted in my dream
it had a faint aura
i was bored
because i wanted to see how un-magical i am
2What kind of magic would you master?
All types
The elements
something simple, like a shield
to change the tv channel at will
3what colour robes would you wear
undecided, i change the colours with every step i take
i don`t know, it`s invisible
something expected, green
robes? jeans and a t-shirt will be fine
4what kind of wand would you prefer?
willow, with horn of unicorn and tail of a phoenix
oak, with faerie dust
just a stick, anything will do
My baseball bat can teach the opponents a lesson, who needs spells?

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