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What kind of bird are you?
If you were a bird what kind would you be? Choose the answers that describe you best and find out which bird fits you. (e)
personality test

1When you get older, you would love a job as. . .
A proffesional ballet dancer
A published author
A Peace Corps volunteer teaching children in another country
A super model
The star of a hit TV. show
An award-winning photojournalist
2Your perfect day would be...
Shopping for antiques
Sleeping till afternoon and staying up half the night reading a good book
Playing board games with your family
Shopping for new clothes at the mega-mall
Painting your bedroom bright colors
Hunting for seashells on the beach
3Your favorite shirt is...
Elegant and lacy
Dark and serious
Soft and comfy
Decorated with glitter and rhinestones
Bright and colorful
Plain and simple
4On your dream vacation, you would most want to stay...
At a beautiful hotel with fluffy canopy beds
Right in the middle of a big city, within walking distance of museums and a huge art galary
At your family`s lake cottage where you can relax on the dock
At a fancy resort with poolside waiters and a spa service.
On a tropical island basking in the warm sun and playing in the soft white sand
At a campground in the wild west horseback riding.
5You most love to shop at...
La Boutique, an expensive designer shop
A book store
Hometown mall
Glamour jewelry shop and accessories store
Dollar store where you can find lots of cool cheap stuff
Sporting goods store
6The scent you like the most is...
A bundle of freshly picked lilacs
A brand new book
Moms dinner cooking
Your freshly shampooed hair
My brand new car
The air outside after it rains
7Your room looks like...
It is purple and white with a canopy bed and lots of lace
It is just plain. White walls, and just an old quilt and my book case
Warm and cozy with light pink walls and a striped bedspread
Hot pink walls and fuzzy pillows and lots of polka dots. It`s awesome!
Lime green walls and bright bedspread
Wild life bedspead and lots of wildlife pictures

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