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Which Country Are You?
Find out what country you are most like.
personality test

1Your walking down the street when suddenly someone bumbs into you. You...
Say "Sorry"
Cuss him out.
Push him out of the way and run.
Punch him in the face.
Keep walking.
2You are in a restruant enjoying a meal when a baby starts crying. You...
Politely ask the parents to quite the baby.
Yell at the parents to shut up their baby.
Yell at the baby.
Throw the baby out the window.
Ignore it.
3You win one million dollars. What do you do with it?
Give it to charity.
Put it into savings.
Buy a big mansion.
Use it to fund your secret military.
Start a buisness.
4You get a call from your parents. They say that your brother was just killed in an automobile accident. What is your reaction?
Morn the loss of your brother.
Serves him right, I hated him.
Yes! The hit went over perfectly.
I wonder what he left for me in his will?
Go after the guy that caused the accident.
5You`re walking down the street when a man jumps out of an alley way with a gun pointed at you. He asked you for all your money. What do you do?
Quickly grab the gun and shoot him.
Give him your money and run.
Drop kick him and run.
Play dead.
Pull out your concealed rifle and shoot him.
6What is your plan to take over the world?
What? I would never do that!
I will united everyone in peace.
Slowly but surely.
Nuke the entire world.
Take it over with a global industry.

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