Everyone has a learning style that works best for them. The most common and basic styles are Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic, although there are others. My aim is to provide an accurate quiz regarding these three. I'll do my best to make it fun, and your learning style can say a lot about you! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Learning Style Works Best for YOU??
Everyone has a learning style that works best for them. The most common and basic styles are Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic, although there are others. My aim is to provide an accurate quiz regardi (more)
personality test

1Would you rather ride a train/subway and...
Read or play/watch something on electronic device
Talk to the person next to you or listen to music
Write/draw or fidget with something
2You are more easily distracted by...
People talking or other noises: you MUST determine the source and analyze the data you collect
Images and scenery around you: you've just GOT to memorize the picture to never forget how it looks
Movement going on around you: you want to participate in doing things and move around too
3You are more likely to...
Play video games
Enter an online chatroom
Photoshop pictures you find on the interwebs
4You are more likely to participate in a group video project if you are...
The costume/set designer
An actor/actress
The director
5If sleep weren't important, you would spend the night...
Finding videos on the Tube of You (YouTube)
Practicing your speech for tomorrow's oral presentation
Play with your favorite pet
6On a long car ride you would rather be the...
Navigator: you have a good sense of direction and can easily read a map
Entertainment: you have a beautiful singing voice and know fun games to play
Driver: your cat-like reflexes are perfect for keeping everyone safe on the ride
7Would you rather be...
A fireman/policeman
An artist/photographer
A musician/composer
A teacher/teacher's assistant
An astronaut/engineer
An author/playwright
A therapist/social worker
8Would you rather be...
Secretary of State
Secret Service
9You would rather have...
A dog: they are so fun to play with
A bunny: they are so cute to watch
A bird: they make such beautiful sounds
10Would you rather be...
The band geek
The cheerleader
The jock
11When you are amused, you show it by...
High Five the jokster
Laugh really loudly
12You and your three friends get together to plot a prank you will play on someone. You are the...
Prankster: the one who carries out the plan
Mastermind: the plan maker/brains behind the operation
Cartographer: map maker
13At a dance you are...
With your friends
Watching everyone dance
In the middle of the dance floor showing what you've got
14If you had to give directions about something that is completely new to a person, you would most likely...
Use pictures, diagrams, or maps
Just show them or help them as they are doing it
Explain it to them in simple terms
15You use your phone mostly for...
Playing games or using the internet
Taking pictures
16If you were part of the CIA/FBI/other (legal) top secret agency, you would be in the...
Commanding seat: someone's got to make the tough decisions
Tech center: someone's got to monitor the spyware
Field: someone's got to do the dirty work

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