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Which type of Lord of the Rings elf are you?
Yes, type. Not character. But type. And I own none of this, except the questions.
personality test

1Do you like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, or any other of the things that Tolkien wrote?
Yes! I've read every one of them and love them ALL! And I've seen ALL the films! Aren't they great?
No. Just no. They are all rubbish. I don't even know WHY anyone would read them! Films are pathetic.
Well, I LOVE the films, but I just don't have the attention span for the books.
I hate the films. Especially the Hobbit films. I mean Tauriel... Really? But the books are great!
I haven't tried the books or films, and I never will. They are WAY to long.
Lord of the Rings? Hobbit? Tolkien? Never heard of them.
2If you had to go for a walk, where would it be?
Under the starlight and moonshine!
Anywhere, as long as I'm safe. And there's stars.
Under the trees, preferably on a clear night.
At home, inside. Or in a library.
I don't mind, as long I have company!
3Do you understand this: Namarie, mellon nin, namarie!
Yes, you said: farewell, my friend, farewell!
Uhh... Melons??!
4I'm sorry guys, but you should've seen this coming: What's your favourite colour?
Other. Why didn't you do mine??????
5If you had to be an elf (and could choose which) from either book or film, who would you be? Only Lord of the Rings & Hobbit. Not the Silmarillion.
Legolas Greenleaf
Thranduil Oropherion
Arwen Undomiel
Galadriel, Lady of the Light
Glorfindel the Balrog-slayer
Master Elrond
Either Elladan or Elrohir Elrondion
Haldir, Marchwarden of Lothlorien
6Ok, so... Let fate decide! *dramatic music plays*
*** ** ***** *******
7You still here?!
Umm... Yeah!
Yes, but I can go if need be.
No! I'm leaving! Adios, amigos!
8Pick a path: One path leads into a forest with deep green leaves, and you can hear the sound of laughter. Another leads into a wood with golden leaves, and nothing stirs. The last goes off into a valley surrounded by waterfalls and birdsong.
I refuse and am unwilling to go to any, and I will go back the way I came!
I take the path of waterfalls and birdsong. It sounds far more peaceful then the others.
I will go through the golden wood, for it sounds beautiful.
I choose the deep green forest, because it sounds the most enjoyable- and fun.
9You choose to go into the Greenwood. As you enter you feel as though you are being watched. You turn and to your shock, see...
A giant spider or Orc. I mean, this is Mirkwood, right?
No idea.
I didn't pick this path.
I saw... A tree! (Me: A TREE! No way!)
10You decide to go through the Gold forest. When you get there, all is deathly silent... Until you hear a song. The words are:
"....O Nimrodel! O Nimrodel!...."
".... Twinkle, twinkle, little star...."
" .... O come, all Ye faithful...."
There was no song.
I didn't pick this path.
11You go to the waterfalls. You wander down the path and find a cave, inside it is...
Treasure! Oh, so much treasure! My precious.... :)
Bats and darkness. Nothing interesting...
I don't know- I didn't go inside.
A skeleton... Creepy
I didn't pick this path.
12Bye! Hope you enjoyed! And sorry if the outcomes are hard to read....
Finally! Goodbye and good riddance!
Well, bye.
See ya!
Few... Relief!

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