Have fun! Its my first quiz!!!!!
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How well do you know Eren Jaegar
Have fun! Its my first quiz!!!!!
trivia quiz

1If a titan ate your mom/dad would you later in life...
join the cadet corps
run for hell! O.O
find someone to kill that titan
hide from the titans
stand there and watch
2If you were to see the colossal titan would you...
scream and run
find a commander and tell
try to kill it
try to hug it
ask how its day was
3Now your 15 and in the Wings of Freedom, Mikasa picks you up like a sack of potatoes you...
struggle to get out of her grip
slap the back of her head
get embarrassed and ask Armin for help
stay quiet and do nothing
4Your Corporal is short and small, you...
make fun of him
stand on your tippie-toes
bend down a little
ask Mikasa to stand next to him
make him stand on a box
5You get eaten by a titan due to your friend not helping.Then somehow turn in a titan.As a titan you...
eat your friend
kill other titans
try to controll yourelf
try to kill Mikasa
forget about everything and leave
6Jean asks you to ask Mikasa if she wants to go out, you....
slap him
say "Yes" and ask Mikasa
tell Mikasa and watch her reaction
Say "No"
walk away
7Armin is getting beat up, you....
try to help
walk away
join the fight
punch Armin and say he is stupid
throw a rock
8Levi won't let you fight the female titan,you....
ignore him
fight it anyways
try to distract the titan
try to kill it
9Eren yells at Armin about the food supply.Mikasa then punches him and shoves a loaf of bread in his mouth,he...
rips it out of her hand
eats it
10Last Question! Eren is saving Armin from getting eaten,he is standing in the mouth of the titan,you...
let Armin die
just hold the mouth open
save Armin's sorry butt
pretend to save Armin
throw a book at him

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