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live the life of a warrior in my clans!
just play it!!!!!!!!!
personality test

1you are a young kit, alone in the forest. suddenly you see four clans. your mother told you about clans, before she passed away.
run away, if the clans were near, why didn't they help? no. I'll make my own way.
dive towards the clan in the thick, close growing pine trees.
lope to the clan in the sunny meadow.
dash towards the clan in the temple ruins, it looks interesting!
climb your way to watch the clan in the thick, rainforest clearing
2say, you went to a clan, they ask you if you will stay with a queen who has only 1 kit
yeah! I would finally get company, and so will the queen!
I would sleep in their camp for one night, then make my decision.
join a clan AND be raised by a queen who's not even my mother?! no way!
grin, and say yes. finally, some friends!
nod, but tell them you don't need the queen. you can look after your self now your in a clan!
3say you chose to join, you later get asked to be an apprentice!
yees! i wonder who my mentor will be?
finally! you get to learn how to survive!
well... what type of apprentice? fighting isn't really my style...
to get taught stuff? i can teach myself!
4say you became an apprentice, well theirs going to be a battle!
ask if somebody else wants to go.
nod, eyes sparkling, and get ready, getting ready to fight by the side of your clanmates
oh... wow.
yes! finally a time to show your strengths!
finally something interesting
5say you fought, you get given a warrior name. what kind of thing do you want the second part of your name to be?
something real, like water fire or flower
a body part, or pattern. like stripe, tail or foot
a strong name, like fang spring or bite.
something interesting, like whisper spirit or echo
i cant change my name, its who i am

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