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could you live in the wild?
basically a story, you might hate it but... enjoy :)
personality test

1the snow is falling thick and fast, your friends are beside you and you begin to shiver.
you choose one man to look for sleeping places.
you huddle together taking turns in the middle.
you get the others to rub you and make them give you there clothes
you lie down under a tree and stay as still as you can.
2you need a fire how do you get it?
you put some sticks and debris in a pile and wait for it to light
by rubbing two sticks together
you chose the option of getting all the clothes and don't need it
you drill a hole into a stick using a stick
3you and your team walk on and you see footprints in the snow. you know they are fresh, how?
they have a crispy layer of snow inside
they are deep
they havn't got snow inside
we don't know....
4what do you do now?
stay away and go in a different direction
you run at top speed, following the tracks
follow them slowly and travel on
send one man ahead and tell him to call if its safe
5you went the other way, the image of the prints fresh in your mind. soon you release the tracks were hurried and must of been running away. suddenly a bear lumbers out of the undergrowth and you hide behind a crooked, breaking tree.
push the tree over!
i didn't choose this
6you run on, the chase is hard and your bones are aching but you carry on, soon you stumble into a village and you black out. you wake up tied to a post, being targeted.
you scream!!!!!!!!!!
you pray and plead them to let your friends go
you hold your head up high and swear to the tribe never to back down
you bow to the tribe chief
i didn't choose this
7you sent a man ahead, soon you here a cry, not the signal, a cry of pain.
you aviod the village and head to the town beyond!
you run in to help the man
you head on anyway to beg for food
you fall down in sorrow
i didn't choose this
8you slowly approach, soon you come to a village it is clear its unsafe.
you send a party in to raid then head to town
go strait to town
go in anyway
run full speed away
i didn't choose this

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