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Would You Have Made It in World War II
Click here to find out if you would have made it in WWII
personality test

1Well, it's training day. The General is giving orders on what to do. What do you do?
Listen to what he is saying and obey his orders.
Try and listen while you talk to another soldier.
When he is done, ask your friend what he said.
Not listen at all.
2Well, you made it this far. It is time to go out and start war. You get into the helicopter and move out. What do you do inside the helicopter.
Talk about strategy with your team.
Talk about your family.
Whisper to your buddy who you think will die first.
Sleep, I won't be able to in a few hours!
3During war, one of the soldiers get shot at. It is the grossest thing ever, what do you do?
He is down, I have to help him!
Yell, "Man Down!! We gotta man down over here!!"
Keep shooting and let your friends do the work.
Puke. It was gross. He had a bloody stomach.
4Thank Heavens! The war is over. You are back in your home state. What do you do?
Hug my loved ones.
Just go back home.
Grab a bite to eat.
Sleep again.

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