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Which Moomin character are you?
Made for Mehukannu's birthday :)
personality test

1If someone were to visit you unexpectedly, what would you most likely be doing?
Reading or writing
I'd probably be out with friends
Cooking, cleaning sth like that
Making money, or thinking how to make it; working
Probably nothing much, maybe napping... maybe I'd be out taking a walk
Probably sth EXTREME or crazy
I'd probably be out shopping or at a hairdresser or with my gf/bf
None of the above -_-
2If something horrible was about to happen, what would you do?
Try to prevent it from happening
Face it head on
Take it on with caution and think everything through
Seek protection from others
I would probably be the cause....
3What is your best friend like?
Quiet and smart
Brave and adventurous, but sensitive and kind
What best friend?
Fun-loving and happy, but sometimes annoying
Caring, sweet and knows me well
Adventurous, wise, brave and smart - almost perfect!
None of the above
4A mysterious stranger approaches you. Seems like she wants to talk, but isn't doing so. You...
...ask: "Why aren't you speaking?"
...ask: "What do you want from me?"
...ask: "Can I help you?"
...introduce yourself.
...wait patiently for her to speak. or blush.
...freak out or run away, because you are too shy to answer.
...act like a real gentleman, offer help, speak to her nicely etc.
5Choose something that you dream about.
Every day being as fun and eventful as the other
Living a happy life with my dear family
Being limitlessly free, able to go whereever whenever
Just being understood, having friends...
PILES OF MONEEEEY, success in career
Changing the world
My most important dream isn't on this list.
6Pick one.
Being the best at something

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