Your ability to test your survival skills in a world where its all for one or one for all. You ability to determine how to handle a situation and your prior knowledge of the subject. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz
Your ability to test your survival skills in a world where its all for one or one for all. You ability to determine how to handle a situation and your prior knowledge of the subject.
personality test

1The government has alerted people of a disease outbreak and that a quarantine. How do you react?
Continue you doing, but be cautious.
Always have your head over your shoulder (Paranoia)
2A few months have passed. You are now a survivor in a world out to eat you, literally. Do you have any skills? Medical, wilderness survival, etc.
I am experienced in the medical field
I am experienced in camping and wilderness survival
You are experienced when it comes to hunting
I have a skill that could be utilized, but is not listed
3While on a supplies raid, a woman is yelling in the street for help. She appears okay, but you are still unsure. Undead are beginning to follow her. What move do you make?
Save her. You could be useful and keep company.
Put her out of her misery. She's probably bit anyway.
Leave her behind. Could make a distraction while I search for supplies
Help her, but I'm not taking her with me.
4A friend or family member has been bitten. Your group is trying to make a decision of what to do with him/her. What is your decision?
Leave them behind.
Take responsibility for him/her if they turn.
Keep them in the group. See how the situation turns out.
5A group of people, armed to the teeth, appear and ask for sanctuary with your group. How would you handle this?
Allow them to stay, but keep caution.
Threaten them with your arsenal and tell them to leave.
Attempt to kill them and take their supplies for the good of your own group or yourself.
6You discover a building that could be used and fortified. But its crawling with hundreds of walkers undead and you don't know if any survivors have already claimed it. What would you do?
Clear it out and make it homebase, its worth the hard work
Leave it. Don't want to make a war with survivors.
Make a supply raid on the building, see if you get lucky.
7When making a choice between a firearm weapon, which of the following would you choose?
Desert Eagle
8When making a choice between melee weapons. Which would you choose?
A Pipe
A Fireaxe
A Kitchen Knife
A Shovel
None of The Above
9A person is wounded and is in need of first aid. What would you do?
Help him/her.
Kill him/her and take their supplies.
Leave them. No need endangering yourself.
10Which vehicle would you travel in?
A Hummer
A Prius
A Truck
A Bicycle
11You find a what looks like to be an abandoned vehicle with enough supplies to hold out for a few months. Would you take it.
Yes, finders keepers
No, someone may comeback for it.
Some of it, still got to keep myself going
12What is the building you would choose as a base and fortify?
A Police Station
A Prison
A Boarded-Up House
A Store
13You in your group are passing by and you find a child who appears not a threat and is hungry. Would you help the child?
14Do you have any self defense training?
15If a zombie outbreak was to occur, would you mentally be able to handle it?
Numb = Surival
After a certain amount of time, I may break/collapse
I can keep my cool and be able to survive
16One of the members of your group has confessed that he/she murdered someone before the outbreak. What would you do?
They're a danger. They're on his own.
They can stay, but will have to regain trust from the group
17Would you let a woman who is pregnant into your group?
18You find out one of the group members has been stealing supplies for themselves. What would you do.
Hand him over to the undead.
Kill him/her.
Allow them to stay, but keep an eye on them.
19After establishing a home base. You have pretty much ran the area dry for supplies, however, you have an experienced farmer and some seeds. Do you think you would be able to find land suitable for plant life?
20Someone in your group is scratched by a zombie? What would you do in this situation?
Treat them as if they were bit
Ignore it
Kill them, with no hesitation
21The an inner-group dispute. (Spouse abuse, murder, etc.) How would you handle this situation?
Kill the person who caused the dispute
Come up with an compromise
Leave it alone
22You have been bitten. How would you wish for yourself to end?
The bite's infection. Kill me when I turn.
Ask the group to leave me somewhere

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