It's all pretty much in the title. This is my first quiz so I'm sorry if it's bad. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What the hetalia characters think of you
It's all pretty much in the title. This is my first quiz so I'm sorry if it's bad.
personality test

1Hey. So to start, what's your favourite colour? That's right I'm not scared!
dark blue or light purple, calm colours.
whatever is best in the moment.
2Ok so next, fav. Food?
Snack foods something I can eat while I'm reading.
healthy stuff.
3RP time. Francy pants walks up to you and gropes you. Your reaction?
puch him in the stomach and hold a knife to his throat.
hate it, but allow it to happen.
france why are you hugging me? france: ohonhonhonhon.......
4America invites you to a party. Do you go?
uhhhh. no thank you mr. america.
5Well, whatever your answer was, you got dragged along. So do what do you do?
go have a drinking contest with prussia WOOH!!!
sit and read a book quietly, maybe have a conversation with canada.
Sit and drink, hating yourself for giving in so easily.
6Ok sorry it was short but it's my first quiz so please review. Bye.
Ok bye.
awww its over? ok..... BYE!
just give me the results.

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