Here is to find out if you are worthy to be within royalty. Please answer confidently and honestly. Thank you. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you royal
Here is to find out if you are worthy to be within royalty. Please answer confidently and honestly. Thank you.
personality test

1How do you speak to others?
Mate you is lookin well reem and cool innit
I speak at a high manner around others and compliment them in a formal way
I speak like this. I don't speak formally but not informally either. Just normal
2If you were incharge of a group you would...
Let someone else be incharge. I can't be bothered to. They can decide themselves
I can do this. I'm always incharge. I don't care if someone else wants to be
I'm going to let someone else. I don't feel I'm that kind of material I'm happy to follow.
I will lead my team with confidence and make sure they're all happy with what they're doing
3How would you spend the countries money?
I'd spend it all on the worlds most expensive car
I'd buy all the chocolate in the world
I'd share it out to those who need it and to job owners and maybe donate funds to the poor countries
I'd split it to everyone in the country, and then the rest to me and my family
I'd give it to everyone who is poor
4Do you like royalty?
No I hate them. I think they're selfish and stupid as they don't know how we feel
They're ok. I wouldn't want to be royalty though
I think they're amazing. I've always wanted to be in royalty. I think I'm up for it
I've dreamed about being royal when I was little, but I don't anymore
I have been well graded in school and I have a high classed job now. I am properly mannered
5How formal would you say you are?
Very formal
I'm informal
Quite formal. Depends who I'm around
6If you were going somewhere posh. What would you wear?
A tux
A pretty dress
Jeans and a t-shirt
A mini skirt or short shorts
Anything I can find in the wardrobe
7Why did you take this quiz?
I wanted to see if I was high classed or not
I got bored of watching porn
I was curious
It's my dream

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