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Does He Like You? {Girls Quiz}
A simple little quiz to tell if that certain "someone" might like you!
personality test

1Do You THINK He Likes You?
Well, it seems like it..
He doesn't talk to me!
I won't speak for him.
2How Often Do You Two Talk?
Everyday atleast once, I guess.
Not Too Often..
I ignore him, though..
I do try to chat, but he always turns away!
His Friends Always Pull Him Away!
He talks with other girls..
3Does He Tease You?
Did you have to bring that up?..
I tease him back if he does, ofcourse.
Does Hitting Me Count?
He annoys me all the time, yes.
I can never finish anything with him around..
Occasionally. Only when he needs something.
He doesn't tease me at all!
What do you mean by, "Teasing"?..
4Why Do You Like Him?
He's Cute!
H.O.T. Why Else?
Reallllyyy Funny!
Aww, he makes me feel all dreaammyy~
I don't..
He's Asian and he's Funny, which makes him Cute.
I will bite your hand.
His good looks, duh.
His personality.
I have my opinion, okay?
5What Kind Of Guy Is He Most Like?
A Cutiee.
He's A Real Dearie..
A Flirt, Duh!
He's a hunk, ofcourse.
A Romantic.
Naive, but that's what makes him who he is!
Captain Of One Of The Best Teams, Duh.
A Sas. He's So Rude..
I don't really care..
6Has He Given You His Number Yet?
Kidding me? I was there when he first GOT his phone!
Yes, long ago.
Yeah, but no texts nor calls.
Should I go and get it now?..
7Any Nicknames Here That He Calls You?
"My Love"
Your name with an "ie" sound or an "a" sound to it.
"Little Dumb Cute Girl"
All Of The Above.
Some Of The Above.
I Don't Even Care..
8Which Song Has A Better Description Of You Both?
Kiss Me In The Morning: Kiss Me In The Mornin', say you're mine!
Pretending: Will We Ever Say The Words We're Feeling?..
Home: I Can Hardly Wait, Till You Get Off my Case!
Perfect Two: You can be the captain, and I can be your first mate!
Haunted: Don't leave me like this, I thought I had you figured out!
Diary Of Jane: If I had to, I would put myself right beside you. Now I'll ask, do you like that?!
Stuck In The Middle: No, She can never love you like I can, like I can!
9What's a Good Place That You Think He Might Like For A First Date?
The Mall.
My House Or His.
A Skatepark!
A Roof-Top Scenery.
Out by a lake in the forest.
I'd like to stay home. Without him.
The School.
10Do You Still Think He Likes You?
I don't care.
I'm unsure now..

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