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Would you survive a zombie outbreak?
find out if you would servive in a zombie populated world.
personality test

1You wake up one morning and hear gunshots and car crashes. what do you do?
go back to bed it's 5am.
turn on the news and call your friends and family.
make your way to the bass pro shop and get guns and food and stuff.
Start killing people their gonna die anyway right.
Start heading for the mountains where nobody's at.
2Theres other people at the bass pro shop getting supplies too. How do you interact with them?
join their group and help
kill them so there's more for you
avoid them and get what you can
go away and go somewhere else
you wouldn't have gone to bass pro shop would have done something else
3you hear about zombies on your morning news network what do you do.
hide in your house, you got food and water and it's safe from zombies, so wait it out
take action
wait for a friend or family member to get you
you already answered this.
4your mother was bitten last night and is about to turn what do you do?
say i love you and shoot her in the head
let someone else shoot her
start kicking her in the head and talking smack while doning kicking her.
just leave her somewhere
get really closed to her face and start crying and talking to her and hold her in your arms
5your group meets some new people on the road and somethings not quite right with them what do you do?
let them in to your group, the more the merrier
kill them and take what they have
go about your business and dont look back
avoid contact with them
6its night time and dark you see a little girl all alone walking and probably scarred what do you do?
go and help the girl someones got to.
leave her there
think man i sure am horny.
get the rest of the group to help her
7food is running low What do you do?
Go and find some more
tell someone else to go get more
go kill a deer and eat it
eat the weakest member of the group
8someone in the group is calling out for help but zombies are all over the place. what do you do?
try and help them any way
just leave you didnt like them anyway
get the group to help them
shoot them in the head a merciful death
you didnt hear them scream because of the sound of you crapping on your self
9Someone gets bit?
kill them then saves the trouble latter
clean the wound and give them antibiotics,maybe its death in general and not the bit that turns you
let them say good by and live as lone as they can
do nothing
10you see a really hot zombie chick thats not to old and chained to a bed. what do you do
what kind of a question is that dude come on.
dont let it go to wast.......
kill it silently
target practice
move on do nothing
not have sex with it but only because of zombie aids
11someone asks you to keep watch first what do you do?
Hell NO!
why me?
what group
12what weapon would you use?
guns hello keep distance and dont get blood on you
what ever is nearby
my mitts
melee silent and doesn't need ammo
13you hear a radio broadcast about a military base that is taking in people. what do you do?
Finally help, thank the Government we're saved
keep far far away because where theres a lot of people theres soon to be alot of zombies too.
too many people for you
go where ever the group goes
14your bitten what now
go out like a champ
dont tell anyone
kill yourself
infect the group
go on a suicidal mission to save someone
do whatever the group says

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