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Can You Survive A Horror Movie?
Do you think you have what it takes to survive a horror movie?
trivia quiz

1You are sitting at home by yourself one night when you here heavy footsteps above your head. What do you do?
Get up and check out the situation.
Arm yourself.
Arm yourself then go check out the situation.
Stay frozen in your chair.
Eat some cereal.
2When you go to see what made that sound, you hear the front door open. What do you do?
Go to the front door.
Go check what made the noise upstairs.
Run and hide.
Say, "Who's there?"
Continue eating your cereal.
3When you go upstairs to investigate the noise, your hear footsteps on the stairs. What do you do?
Stay still. Whoever it is, it won't hear you.
Say, "Who's there?"
Quietly run and hide.
Go and investigate.
Go and get some more cereal.
4The footsteps are getting closer and you don't have much time. You grab whatever is near you for a weapon. You grab:
a broom.
a rusty hunting knife.
a trophy.
a very heavy box.
a brick.
your bowl of cereal.
5You get the guts to go to the stairs. When you reach the stairs, you find no one on the stairs. What do you do?
Sigh then go back downstairs.
Keep yourself alert that there may still be someone... or something in your house.
Stay frozen in place.
Walk downstairs but you keep yourself alert.
Finish your cereal.
6As you walk down the stairs, you feel a strange presence behind you. You turn around to find a tall man with a disfigured face holding a knife above his head. What do you do?
Scream then run away.
Hit him in the nards.
Tell him, "F*** off."
Hit him with your weapon then run.
Use your spoon from your cereal to slap him.
7You run out the front dorr with the man following close behind. You run to:
your neighbor's house.
the woods in front of your house.
your car.
where the roads meet.
to the grocery store to get more cereal.
8As you run into the woods, you trip on a root. Your ankle is sprained and the man is not far off. What do you do?
Yell for help.
Squeeze your ankle and cry.
Lie on the ground and await your fate.
Get up and keep running, ingoring the pain.
Finish off your cereal.
9When you can't run any longer, you lean against a tree. You can see the man with the knife. What do you do?
Run at him and hit him with your weapon.
Squeeze your ankle.
Prepare yourself for a fight.
Drop your bowl of cereal.
10You run at him and hit him. He goes down. What do you do?
Smash his head in.
Run away.
Smash his head then run away.
Scream and kill yourself.
Cry because you don't have cereal.
11You run back to your house and lock your doors. You sit back down but keep an eye on the door. What happens now?
Use your cellphone to call 911.
Keep looking at the door.
Kill yourself.
Sigh and fall asleep.
Go to the kitchen to get a donut.
12You call the cops and the next day, you show them the spot where you killed the man. But he isn't there. What do you do?
Place yourself under arrest for murder.
Run back to your house.
Fall to your knees and cry.
Remind yourself to get a bodyguard.
Ask the police if they have any cereal.
13You run to your house to find the man on the ground. Dead. What do you do?
Scream in victory.
Tell the police so that they can take his body away.
Poke him. He may still be alive.
Kill yourself.
Finish your cereal.

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