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Is he my soulmate?? (GIRLS ONLY)
an ACCURATE way to find out if you and your guy are meant to be :)
personality test

1Where does he look when he is talking to you?
Into your eyes
At his feet
Your body
At you, just not into your eyes
We don't talk :(
2What do your friends think of him?
Perfect gentleman, sweet, kind, caring
BFF's for life
Nice but shy
They don't him but they think he's cute ;)
My friends don't really know him but if he makes me happy, they approve
3How do you feel when you are apart from him?
Happy that you are away from him and his bullying posse
Depressed, like a part of you is missing
Missing him and wishing he was here
Bored and lonely
He never leaves my side
I'm never within 50 feet of him! ;(
4Which way are his feet pointed?
Both are pointed in your general direction
One is kinda pointed at you
He isn't even in the same room as you
Both are pointed straight at you
His feet are kicking rocks at you
They're pointed at your BFF :(
Why would be looking at his feet
5Do you share the same interests?
He hates me and everything about me
Duh! That why we're friends!
Everything is common- interests, hobbies, etc
He jumps onto everything you say you like LOL
He threw my hat in the mud ;(
I don't know enough about him
From the information I've gathered (me: O.o stalker much?)
6How does he treat you?
He's hit me before
He treats me with respect and caring
He treats me like one of he guys
He pretends like he doesn't like me=ignores me
He treats me like I'm a goddess
HE DOESN'T KNOW ME stop rubbing it in ;( (Me: sorry hon)
Like a friend
7What does your heart say?
I am complete when he is around. YES
Friend zone :(
Why would I be with someone like him?? He's awful to me
He is someone I want to be with
He doesn't know me!!!!
8Why do you like him?
Sense of humor
Everything about him! He could not be more perfect to me
Shrug, 'cause he's cute I guess I don't know...
9Can you imagine having a future with him?
Yes!!! I'm planning our wedding rite now :D
I can picture us going out… but yeah
Yes, but I'm only daydreaming
No. No.
10Do you seem to know what each other are thinking?
We've known each other so long that we know the frame of mind
It's like telepathy!! We even finish each others sentences
I seem to have a general idea of what he might say…
He only insults me… but I see that coming after awhile
How should I know???
11Do the parents approve?
They hate me… probable because of all the bad things he's told them
They encourage our friendship
They treat me like the daughter they never had
They think I'm great!
I haven't met his parents
He doesn't know and you expect his parents to know me?!?!?
12What do his friends think of you?
They think we're a sweet couple and we should be together
They think I'm the best thing that happened to him
They abuse me
They're my BFF's too
I'm secretly dating all of his friends
They walk right through me
How should I know!?!?
They know me and they're civil
13What would you do for him?
I would protect him at all costs
I would make him a pie
I would catch a grenade for him, I jump in front of a train for him
I would run away screaming
I would let him know in all possible ways that IM the one for him
14We have...
Tortured each other
Not interacted
15Are you friends?
Yes we're BFFL's
He hits me
We don't know each other
I stalk him
We 're dating
Everyone knows we like each other
16What do u talk about?
Anything and everything!! I can talk more freely with him than anyone
Common interests
We don't talk
He flirts with me
17Do you dream about him
In my worst nightmares
Yes, over and over and over; I can't stop thinking about him!!
No, should I be?
I dream of him noticing me
I had this dream once or twice...

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