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What bodily function are you?
Can you handle the truth?!
personality test

1What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Take a huge pee.
Play with it a little.
Do your daily stretches! It's healthy!
Take a massive dump.
Call your friends and whine about that dream you had about your ex.
Take a long shower hoping that it will relieve you of your hangover.
Get distracted by a scab and spend all morning trying to peel it off.
Your hot sex dream is interrupted. Wonder what could have been.
2What did you dream about?
Enchanted mushroom forests.
Your ex.
Having hot sex.
Dead people.
Leading a revolution.
Your mom walking in on you having hot sex.
3What do you like to eat for breakfast?
A cigarette and a coke.
Scrambled eggs, sausage, a granola bar, and an orange! A balanced meal is very important!
Are you implying I need to lose weight?! Are you calling me FAT?
A big ol' bowl of Raisin Bran!
Whatever I select from the vending machine.
Genitalia. Or at least I think about it.
Leftover pizza.
4Describe your pad.
Like a museum! Don't touch anything lest you'll break it!
Whatever you do, don't bring in a black light...
Smells a little bit like dead bodies...
Is clean until you walk in the bathroom. Please don't mind the skidmarked toilet seat...
There are a few things laying around but it's moderately clean.
A work of art.
5Describe your ride.
That isn't chocolate in the passenger seat...
Smells like fish.
Smells like fruit punch and you can't see the bumper because it's covered in stickers.
Smells like feet.
There's an empty water bottle and a few wrappers but otherwise relatively neat.
Why are the seats sticky?
Is a work of art.

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