This quiz has many questions for you to answer. The scenarios will make you laugh and have a good time. At the end, you will find out what your spirit  animal is with a cute anime pic just for you. This is my first quiz so be kind. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What's your Spirit Animal?
This quiz has many questions for you to answer. The scenarios will make you laugh and have a good time. At the end, you will find out what your spirit animal is with a cute anime pic just for you. Th (more)
personality test

1Favourite Colour?
I like all colours!
2It’s a Friday night and your friends invite you to a party. Do you go?
Accept (Yeah Party!)
I’m sorry. I love school so much that I’d rather study than go to a party.
Who else is going? (Are my enemies going to be there?)
Wait a second I have friends! :0
I’ve got nothing better to do so, sure.
3You decide to go to the party (No matter how much you love school). Now you are at the party. What are you doing?
Everybody’s looking at me as I shake my booty on the dance floor(wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah)
I’m collecting boys' phone numbers for me to use later.
I’m sitting in a dark corner rocking back and forth (there’s too many people here)
Where’s the food! I’m starved!
I’m just chatting with my friends.
4Somebody offers you a tequila shot, what do you do?
No thanks (I’d rather die).
Um, okay, one won’t hurt.
You drink the tequila and I’ll eat the lime. ;)
I can’t; I’m too busy throwing up from the last twenty I had.
I can’t; My tongue is down someone else’s throat right now.
5The party ends and it’s time to go home but one friend wants to go on a road trip?
I’m too tired (just wanna go home).
Sigh (I‘ll be the one driving).
I was the one to suggest it (though I won’t be driving).
I have too many people to call.
6And the road trip begins whether you were for or against it. The people in the car with you don’t know where the group should go. Where do you want to go?
I told you I wanna go home!
Into space, where’s the nearest NASA space station.
To the beach (you don’t need clothes for swimming)
I want to walk around in a dark forest with my closest friends.
7You end up in the dark forest (due to popular demand) so you're walking around when you hear a rustling of the bushes. A grizzly bear jumps out and asks you where the nearest pub is. You are?
A hundred miles away. (Who cares about the others just RUN!)
I’m in a dark corner rocking back and forth A TALKING BEAR I MUST BE GOING INSANE!
AWWWW! ITS SO CUTE! (hug bear around the neck)
Act like this has happened to you before and calmly give the bear directions.
I pull a sword out of nowhere and flail it around wildly.
8You end up getting away from the talking bear and decide to camp out for the night. You hear a scream you immediately...
Straggle the person who was screaming (It’s just a caterpillar).
Scream with them. :O
Where's my sword!
Check that everyone’s ok.
Sprint back to the talking bear and ask him for help.
9After that night you decide to cut the road trip short. What do you do now?
I’m going to the shopping mall.
Back to the woods and the talking bear (He’s so cute >.<).
Fall asleep right here.
Let’s start from the beginning and do it all again (anyone up for a party).
I just wanna go home and forget this ever happened.
10If you were to do the whole thing again would you change anything that happened?
Absolutely (your freakin’ crazy!).
Not a thing. I will remember this forever.
How about a talking bear, antelope and tiger come out of the bush (that would be awesome).
I’d do it a million times over!
Yeah, and this time I’ll be staying home.

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