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Which "Jessie" Character Are You Most Like?
Let's find out! XD
personality test

1You try to help a friend but it ends up backfiring. You:
Feel embarrassed but ultimately stay true to your own good intentions.
Don't even notice because you are in your own world.
2Your friend spills chocolate milk all over her new white shirt. You:
Splash your white milk on her to cover up the stains
Give her a hug. Hugs help everything!
3You get caught in a fib and now everyone knows it. You:
Come up with a scheme to cover it up and save face. You can't afford to look uncool.
Don't think you did anything wrong. You were just using your imagination.
4You get assigned to a school project with the new kid in class. You:
Take it as an opportunity to make a new friend.
Take the lead. You'll just have to turn on the charm - so things can go your way!
5Your little sister is having a pretend tea party and wants you to be her Guest of Honour. You:
Make her happy and go for a half hour. You know what it feels like to want company.
Convince her to make it a royal tea party so you can dress up in your fabulous clothes.

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