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Which Hunger Games tribute are you?
Find out which 74th Hunger Hames tribute you are
personality test

1The Games have begun! The Cornucopia is filled with weapons, food, and medical supplies. What do you do?
Make a run for it, I want to get away from there before I get killed
Sprint, grab something, and escape to the woods before the others make it to the Cornucopia
Kill everyone who gets in my way, I'll take whatever I want and won't let anyone stop me.
2After the initial bloodbath at the Cornucopia, what do you do?
Run until I can't hear anybody's footsteps near me. Find a safe place to hide, preferably higher up
Join up with the Careers; They're my best shot at surviving more than a few days.
Join up with the Careers; It will be easier to kill off the weaker tributes if we work together
3You hear someone's footsteps about 30 yards from you. What do you do?
Run, but swiftly and with as little noise as possible.
Hide and hope they see you and continue past you
Confront them face to face, it will be easier now while you're not tired, hungry, or thirsty
4A sponsor sends you a package with your favorite weapon. What is it?
A bow and arrow
A Sword
My sponsors send me food knowing that it will be more useful to me than a weapon
A Spear
A Slingshot
5You find yourself face to face with a tribute who you like and feel you can relate to. How do you handle the exchange?
Run. If I get away they won't hurt me and I won't have to hurt them.
Try to form an alliance; Maybe they feel the same way about you.
Kill them before they have time to react; you don't want them to have to suffer
Kill them before they kill you
6You discover where another tribute(s) made their camp. Their supplies are stored close to where they stand guard. What do you do?
Run, I don't want to be anywhere near them
Conceal myself and listen in on their conversation. Maybe I can get some useful information
Attack them head on, I need those supplies.
Devise a plan to lure them away and take the supplies
7It's night and you're freezing. You have some matches and a thin blanket, how do you survive the cold?
Pull the blanket over myself and cover it with anything that might help seal in any warmth
Start a fire; I'd kill someone easily if they tried to attack me
Find some sort of burrow to hide under and deal with it in the safety of your hiding spot
8Your district partner is killed. How do you react?
I'm heartbroken to see anybody die, especially someone I shared so much in common with
I'm upset because they were the last person I could relate to
Fine with me. That's just one less person I have to worry about.
I'm enraged. I make my primary goal to avenge them.
9You're one of two tributes left. You know where the other tribute is, but they don't know where you are. What do you do?
Kill them quickly and end this nightmare for all of us.
Expose myself and let them kill me; I wouldn't be able to live a normal life after this anyways.
Run and hope something else takes them out.
Kill them and be crowned victor!

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