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Random Adventure!
Want to know what and where you will be when this is all over?
personality test

1You are asleep, when three sages appear and wake you up. They say it is time to realize your destiny. They take you to a room where three items are. They tell you to pick one, which do you choose?
The shield.
The mirror.
The map.
2After you choose your item, you are led down a dark hallway. There are three doors at the end of it. You are told to open and go through one, which door do you like?
The door of metal.
The door of wood.
The door of stone.
3Next, you must complete a challenge. Once again you are allowed to select whatever you would like. Which of these will you accept?
Go into a giant castle, filled with monsters and illusions and defeat the evil warlock.
Climb an enormous mountain to the peak, with no provisions and riddled with traps.
Travel through a pitch black, maze and slay all of the giant man eating spiders hiding deep inside.
4You have completed your challenge, the three sages reappear, each holding a gem before you. 'Claim your prize' they say. Which of the gems do you take?
The swirling, blue gem.
The shining, green gem.
The glittering, red gem.
5Finally, the sages tell you to return home and make one last selection to achieve your destiny. When you make it back, you see three scrolls on your bed. They all look the same, which one?
The one on the left.
The one on the right.
The one in the middle.

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