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Do you know your TV characters? (Part 3)
You have to guess who the actor shown plays on the TV show in the question.
trivia quiz

1Who does Holly Marie Combs play on Charmed?
Phoebe Halliwell
Piper Halliwell
Prue Halliwell
Paige Matthews
2Who does Ted Danson play on Cheers?
Woody Boyd
Cliff Clavin
Frasier Crane
Sam Malone
Coach Pantusso
Norm Peterson
3Who does Jason Alexander play on Seinfeld?
George Constanza
Cosmo Kramer
Jerry Seinfeld
4Who does John Goodman play on Roseanne?
Dan Conner
D.J. Conner
David Healy
Mark Healy
5Who does John Krasinski play on The Office?
Andy Bernard
Jim Halpert
Dwight Schrute
Michael Scott
6Who does Jesse Tyler Ferguson play on Modern Family?
Phil Dunphy
Jay Pritchett
Mitchell Pritchett
Cameron Tucker
7Who does Alexander Gould play on Weeds?
Andy Botwin
Shane Botwin
Silas Botwin
Stevie Botwin
8Who does Matthew Perry play on Mr. Sunshine?
Roman Cohen
Ben Donovan
Alonzo Pope
9Who does Fred Gwynne play on The Munsters?
Eddie Munster
Grandpa Munster
Herman Munster
10Who does Chloe Sevigny play on Big Love?
Nicki Grant
Margie Heffman
Barb Henrickson
Sarah Henrickson

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