Is it possible for you to survive when a mad-man is chasing you with a chainsaw? Find out if you would live. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Can You Survive My Horror Movie?
Is it possible for you to survive when a mad-man is chasing you with a chainsaw? Find out if you would live.
personality test

1You are sitting in your brand new house that is secluded in a dark forest. It is night time outside, and the nearest town is two miles away. You are bored, what do you do first?
So alone out here... -Calls friends to come over.-
I love the silence. -Opens book and lays down on couch.-
-Starts fidgiting- W-What was that noise? -Silence follows.-
-Grabs shotgun and sets it by the door.- Never know when I might need it...
Time to go for a walk! -Goes outside and into the forest wearing converse.-
2Lets say you decided to stay at home. As you stretch out on the couch you hear an odd noise upstairs. What do you do?
My friends are coming soon... -Glances at the clock.-
-Is too engrossed in the book you're reading to notice the noise.-
-Screams and grabs a cellphone, going to sit with back against the wall.-
-Goes to the door and makes sure it is locked, then grabs the shotgun and goes back to the couch.-
-Goes to the stairs and peers upwards.- "Hello?"
3You decide to call your friends, just to be safe. Your friends arrive, two girls (including your best friend) and one boy. (He is your boyfriend.)
-Talks to friends non-stop.-
-Rolls eyes and sadly puts up the book, watching your friends happily talk to one another.-
"I-I h-h-heard something u-upstairs!" -Points with a shaking finger to the stairs.- "Check it out."
-Whirls shotgun around in one hand.- "Grab a weapon, we are going upstairs."
-Runs upstairs.- "Lets check the noise out now that everyone is here!"
4You decide to go upstairs, taking the steps rather slowly because your best friend is scared. Halfway up the stairs you hear an insane laugh. What do you do?
-Turns to friends.- "Stop fooling guys!"
-Grabs your friends arm at she tries to continue forward.- "Wait... We need to get out of here."
-Screams bloody murder, pushing your friends out of the way as you run back down the stairs.-
-Runs up the rest of the stairs, shotgun at the ready.-
-Gasps, pushing your boyfriend in front of me.- "Be brave and go see what it is!"
5Just as you were about to continue up, (or down,) the stairs, you see a hooded figure standing on the top step holding a large butcher knife.
-Is too busy running and towing your friends behind you to notice that you're screaming.-
-Looks at the Killer calmly and backs away, standing in front of your friends.-
"HOLY @#!&!!!!" -Forgeting about your friends, you dive through them and out the door.-
-Starts shooting the figure, but only hears empty clicking.- "I always forget the f-ing BULLETS!!!"
"U-um..." -Starts to try to reason with the scary person.-
6The figure comes toward you, at which time one of your friends (not your best friend or boyfriend) runs out of the house screaming. The lights flicker, and the figure is gone, the screaming has stopped.
"No!!! Wait... Where did he go?" -Heads back downstairs for a weapon.-
"Son of a-" -Gathers your best friend and boyfriend together and goes down the stairs for weapons.-
-Throws shotgun on the floor.- "USELESS PIECE OF JUNK!" -Starts stomping on it.-
"Thank God he left! We need to leave. Now." -Prepares to go outside, forgetting about a weapon.-
7You head outside (armed with weapons or not) and stumble upon a bloody mass sitting on your front porch. It's your friend that ran away, you can tell by the bow in what used to be her hair. You feel someone watching you.
-Starts sobbing and holds back vomit.-
-Grimaces, hugging your best friend to comfort her. Your boyfriend hugs you, then you all run.-
-Vomits on the floor, falling to your knees with tears rolling down your face.-
-Clutches the beat up shotgun in your hands, walking past and resisting the urge to cry.-
-Sobs and gently pulls on the bow, getting blood on your hands in the process. You sob miserably.-
8You hear the insane laughter again as you leave the porch. You have the option to go into the woods, stay on the road, go into the garage and get more weapons, or split up to hunt for the murderer. What do you do?
-Grabs your best friends arm and your boyfriends arm.- "Lets go down the road."
-Looks down the road and thinks, then turns to the garage.- "We need more weapons."
-Is frozen as your friends decide to split up.- "NO!" -You shout, but they are already gone.-
"Take your weapons and split!" -Heads into the dark forest.-
"In the forest we may be able to get away and hide!" -Drags friends into the woods behind you.-
9Your friend gets seperated from the main group as you look around for weapons or hiding places. You hear a scream and whirl around the corner to see your friend being cut with the butcher knife.
"NOOOOO!" -You scream as your boyfriend drags you away in fear.-
"Get away from her!!" -You snarl madly, eyes glinting, and you pick up a bat and start swinging.-
"I'm sorry!" -You run outside, freaking out.-
-You hold the shotgun like a bat and attack the Killer, hitting him over and over again.-
-Your boyfriend tackles the Killer and you grab your friend, running outside.-
10The Killer cut your friend too deep for her to live. She coughs up blood before collapsing, not breathing. You cry out her name but she doesn't move. The Killer is now focused on you.
-You run quicker with your boyfriend, knowing the Killer is following. You get lost in the woods.-
-You swing again at the Killer, but he brings his knife to your neck and you freeze.-
-Faints again.-
-Looses your shotgun as he blocks your next swing, so you run, forgeting your boyfriend.-
-You sob hysterically as your boyfriend gets hurt, and you pull him away, running.-
11With your friend dead and your boyfriend wounded, you sob and collapse, not being able to run any farther. The Killer is ready to swing his knife into you, but then he disappears.
-You take up running again, leaving your boyfriend behind.--
-You pick yourself up and help your boyfriend limp to town.-
-You sit there in fear, eyes filling with tears and a scream tearing out of your mouth.-
-You clutch at your boyfriend as you try to stop the bleeding. When you manage to, you go to safety.
-You are screaming as your boyfriend convulses, then lays still. You never stopped the bleeding.-
12Five years after the incident, you get a letter. It has no return address and you open it to find your old friends bloodied bow in it. You scream and drop the envelope, a note falling out of it. It reads: Until next time...
-Moves and grabs a pistol, ready to practice with it again.-
-Curls up in a small ball.-
-Grabs extra bullets and calls your boyfriend, making sure he is ok.-
-Tears fall down your face as you lock the doors and bar the windows.-

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