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Which Princess Bride character are you?
who are you most like in "The Princess bride" movie?
personality test

1if someone you hated killed your dad what would you think to do about it?
i would swear on my life to kill that person
i would think about how much money i would inherit
i would probally cry and smash something
i would thuink of ways to torture that person
2are you
kind and full of love
mean and power crazy
smart, a plan maker, but a bit mean
smart, kind, but full of revenge
3what would you choose for a career choice out of these?
a pirate or salor
a criminal
a prince, or princess
a count or someone who like to torture people
4did you ever see this movie or read the book (does not affect outcome)
yes,it was good
yes, but i didn`t like it
i saw the movie, but i didn`t read the book
i read the book, but didn`t see the movie
5if you were to challenge someone to a battle what kind of battle would it be...
battle of brute strength
battle of skill (sword fighting, shooting etc.)
battle of wits
all three battles

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