People always want to know if they are in love or not, and I was tired of always seeing the same questions .. So let's see if you are in love <3 Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Am I Really in Love?
People always want to know if they are in love or not, and I was tired of always seeing the same questions .. So let's see if you are in love <3
personality test

1Do you think you're in love?
Yes, I think I am in love!
I hope I am in love, because I care about him/her.
I don't know that's why I am taking this quiz to help me.
I honestly don't know, we fight all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am, and other times not.
I think it might just be a crush?
2How long have you known him/her?
My whole life.
We've been best friends for a few years.
We met not that long ago and have been good friends ever since.
We've beend dating for a long time now.
I am just now starting to know him/her.
3How old are you? Not saying that age does matter, but it helps when you know what your working with :)
12 and/or under.
13 - 15 .
16 - 18.
19 - 21
22 and/or older.
4How long do you spend on being with him/her?
Forever and Always.
Until we brake up.
Until I find or he/she finds somebody else.
Well, he/she has to date me first?
Until he/she gets mad and breaks up with me. ):
5DO you spend alot of time with him/her?
Yes, as much time as we possibly can!
Yes, I try to whenever he/she isn't hanging out with his/her friends.
Sometimes, but not alot.
No, we don't really hangout.
No, we have never hung out.
6Have you met his/her family? What do they think about you?
Yes, and they love me &lt;3
Yes, and they aren't that fond of me.
They know who I am.
No, but I would love to meet them.
No, and I don't like 'meeting the family' and I don't plan on it.
7Whenever you think of him/her, what do you do?
Smile really big and get butterflies.
Get mad because you can't get him/her out of your head!
Imagine the future together.
Imagine what it would be like with them by your side.
I don't think of him/her THAT much ..
8If you are already in a relationship, what is it based on. If your not, what do you want it to be based on?
Just being together
I don't really think about that.
9How do you think you did?
I think I am lov after I think about it.
I still have doubts, just give me the answer!
I don't think I am, honestly.
No, I know I am not.

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