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What Soul Eater character would you date?
Find out what boy of Soul Eater would u date ^^
personality test

1It's your first day on Shibusen, what do you do?
I go to the class...
I'll presentate myself to everyone!
Organize the place
Look for the hot boys =P
Go to the science laboratory!
2Okay now you have to choose a partner, how would him be?
A cool guy, that would cooperate and do everything to protect his partner
Someone that can follow my energy rithim!
Someone who likes everything in its place
A handsome guy...
A person to make scientific experiences
3What would be your weapon?
A lot of weapons Ninja in one
Something interesting...
4It's your first mission! What's your plan?
Attack with all I have!
Make a good entrance! And than attack
Attack with the perfect simetry
Study the enemy while fighting
To impress while fighting
5Let's talk to shinigami-sama!
Ok then, a cool person does that
Oh no, shinigami chop...
Of course, we have to report the misson
An interesting creature...
Oh no, I prefer to go to the club
6You have a date! Where is it?
In some place with good music
Where there's dance to you show your skills
a place with good simetry
My house...
In a planetarium
7Did you like this quiz? (this count on the results)
Yeah, I'll rate
It's cool, but not as big as I am
AAAAA It doesn't have simetry!!!!!
Where are the spicy questions?
Its pretty interesting...

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