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How Long Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?!
What the title says...
personality test

1You here on the radio there has been a zombie sighting, you...
Stock up! get ready for an apocalypse! No time to lose!
Think they are joking.
Keep listening. Maybe you heard wrong...
What's a zombie apocalypse?
2Next thing you know, It's a zombie apocalypse! They are evreywhere. Where do you take cover?
An abandoned house in the middle of no where. They won't find me.
Stay in my house. Don't Go Anywhere!
Find a sturdy tall building and camp on top of it.
Why are we hiding?
3Out of the following, What would you choose?
Bat, club...something to bash their skull in with!
Don't fight. There's a greater risk you'll die. Just stay calm and wait it out.
Guns, Guns, Guns!
samurai swords, shotguns, pistols...anything that will wreck their brains.
4You hear ther is a survival camp in the mountains, you...
Pack your s**t and start walking!
Don't go! wait it out!...[I'm running out of food :( ]
Stay and keep fighting!
Try talking to the zombies...I'm sure their nice :)
5If you chose to go, you come across abandoned vehicles. You take...
The biggest, badest truck!
Keep walking...I don't want the hastle.
I stayed home...and starved :(
something stelth-like...to sneak past them.
6On your way you run into a zombie hoard...
Try to act like them and sneak through [walking]
Run and shoot!!![walking]
Run the bastards over! [driving]
Drive around them [driving...duh]
I died like....half a quiz ago!!
7You make it to the camp but you're too late.They're all walking dead...
Start shooting and slicing! [ I knew I shouldn't have come!]
Run 'em over in you big bad truck! [You took a risk..that's life!]
You lost hope...Bang!
8You find youself close to a big city.You...
Go to it..why the hell not! You can stock up and find a place to camp...
Don't go. Stay in the mountains [with the zombies]
This is pointless...Bang!
Go back where you came from...at least it's familiar...
9You made it to the city. It is desolate and there are barely any zomies...coul this be the end?
Who cares...I died forever ago!
Stock up and rest..tomorrow I finish them off!
This time I'm gonna hide. wait it out!!!!
10It's the last day and you see a little girl getting attacked...You
save her!
Shoot her... and the zombie!
see ya looser!
This is so sad!....Bang!
11If you saved the little girl, she turned around and killed you! She was infected!. If not, you're alive!!!!
who cares! I've been dead!
Yay! I killed her!

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