The outcomes are: Light Faerie, Dark Faerie, Water Faerie, Air Faerie, Earth Faerie & Fire Faerie Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Faerie Are You? (Girls Only)
The outcomes are: Light Faerie, Dark Faerie, Water Faerie, Air Faerie, Earth Faerie & Fire Faerie
personality test

1Where is your favourite place to hang out?
In an alley...
On the beach sunbathing!
The garden centre!
At my local swimming pool!
Anywhere, I guess..
Anywhere I can cause trouble...
2What is your fave color out of these?
Anything bright
Black, Midnight Blue, Grey... etc..
Green, Brown, Pink, Purple.... etc
Blue, White... etc
Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Yellow...etc
Clear, White, Sky Blue...etc
3What is your fave animal out of these?
Anything cute! ^_^
Fox or Cat
Any kind of fish
Phoenix or Dragon
4You see one of your friends getting bullied. What do you do?
I try to help my friend.
Psh, not my problem...
I stand up to the bully
I laugh for a while, but then help my friend
I help my friend and stand up to the bully
5What clothes would you normally wear out of these?
Dresses, sandals, hats...
Gothic Lolita dresses or gothic cosplay
Shorts, converse or boots and a tee
Pleated skirts, a tee and sneakers
Anything BOLD
Light clothing e.g- a silky top
Ugh, none of these....
6What color is your hair, or what color would you like to have it?
It is/I want it to be Blonde
It is/I want it to be Black
It is/I want it to be Brown
It is/I want it to be Blue
It is/I want it to be Red
It is/I want it to be Silver
Ugh, none of these....
7You want to go to the movies, but your friend wants to go shopping...
Okay, we'll go shopping..
I don't really care.
Let's do something else that we both enjoy!
Okay, okay, we'll go shopping..
NO. We're going to the MOVIES. OKAY?!
Why don't we go to the movies, then go shopping after?
8Did you like my quiz? ^^
No, not really.
Yeah, it was alright
It was okay, could've been better
It was okay

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