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Which warrior cat from my made up clans are you?
which warrior cat are you from my made up clans?
personality test

1LightClan just attacked! What do you do?
Split your clan. 3/4 of the warriors will battle, and 1/4 will protect the elders, kits and queens.
Kill anyone in sight.
See a LightClan warrior, fall in love, flirt with him/her and run away(maybe not).
Fight and fight and pray to Starclan for help.
Heal the injured and help kits, queens and elders.
Show your best stradegies and fight!!
2There are a lot of sick and injured cats in the medicine cats' den. What will you do?
Use this chance to overthrow your leader and deputy.
Help the medicine cat to sort and find herbs.
Try not to get sick and think of a plan to make it easier to deal with the sickness.
Catch prey for the sick.
3Do you know what is parlsey for?
It's to stop milk from coming.
It's to make queens have milk.
I don't know and I don't care.
Uh... Some kind of love potion?
4Do you have a mate? If yes, why do you want to mate?
What?!!! You want me to mate?!!
Yes. I mate so I can have kits to RULE after me. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!
Maybe. Depends if I love a tom/she-cat or not.
Yes, definetly!! (too bad there are so many she-cats out there to choose from...)
5Your friend has fallen in love with a cat in another clan. What do you do?
Tell on them and get them exiled IMMIDIATELY.
Say that the warrior code doesn't say you can do so but don't tell on them.
Huh? Don't care and MOVE ON.
Make sure they don't mate. What will happen if they beared kits?
Find out who the cat is, then fall in love with him/her as well.
6Do you want power?
YES! I've gotta rule the world!
I don't really care.
No, not really.
Well, if I had it, I would not use it to rule unfairly.
7Will you comment? Please do so!
Too busy flirting with my girlfriend/boyfriend

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