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are you emo or scene?
Based on your personality to discover your style.
personality test

1When I go to a party everyone will know who I am by the end of it.
That's me. I'm at all the best parties. I love being pointed out in a crowd.
Probably, I'll hang out with almost everyone and just have a good time.
I don't care. I don't usually enjoy parties.
No I'll stick with my friends. I won't tolerate loud/annoying people.
2When I have spare time my favorite thing to do is...
Sit on the computer and take these quizes and such.
Do something. I hate just sitting around the house.
I never have spare time. I'm always with friends, they are my life.
Watch a movie, write or read. Doesn't matter I just need my alone time.
3Late at night, before I go to bed I'll...
Call up my friends to chat.
Listen to music.
Get on the computer and check my stuff.
4If there's one thing in my life that I couldn't live without it would be...
My cellphone or computer!
My friends.
Don't take any of that out of my life. Just kill me now please. T.T
5When I'm taking a walk and a passing car honks at me
I give them a smile and tell all my friends later.
Who cares, bunch of immature morons.
I give them the finger.
I chase after it! xD
6My friend called me an ugly poser today and really meant it.
I couln't care less. I am who I am. Hate me or love me.
I thought he was my friend so it does hurt a little.
I stopped talking to him after that. It sucks, we've known each other forever.
So I yelled out "You're what? Did you say you're gay?" then proceeded to punch him in the face.
7I just broke up with the person I've been with for about a year.
I call my best friend to spend the night with me.
I don't tell my friends right away. I don't want to talk about it.
I sleep for the next 48 hours straight.
I stay up, call people, watch movies, eat then soon find a new person who actually deserves me.
8Someone gave me a free spongebob t-shirt.
Hell no. In the garbage you annoying mf.
Booyah, I'm wearing it! People will ask me where I got the awesome shirt.
Spongebob is so cute. Love that show.
*Cringes* I'll give away as a birthday gift to my 5 year old brother.

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