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Are you a sociopath?
well are you?
personality test

1Do you charm people to get things and throw them away when they become useless or ask for help
yes, i feel no guilt about tossing them
i have friends who are important to me so no!
no loyalty is one of my strengths
2Are you always right?
i don't know
obviously im always correct/
3Do you constantly lie?
when it suits me
all the time
4do you feel remorse/shame or guilt?
why others are only opportunities and targets to further my own ideals
not for those distant from me
yes but i try to hide it
yes but only if i knew the person i hurt
5Do you show others false emotions to further your true motive
i hide my emotions not use false ones
only to the people im trying to eliminate
yes all the time
I will show my true emotions when it's too late for my victim to be saved
6Do you love anyone or anything even if it's an animal
yes but only for those chose to me, screw everyone else!
i can't feel love
yes but i try to hide it
yes but that could also just mean they taste good . . .
7Do you live on the edge or gammble
no not often
i take risks but no one knows who or what i am
yes, yes i do
smoking and drinking are cool but not gambling
8Do you not empathize with those around you in pain?
no, i don't i would use their pain to take advantage of them!
yeah i'll try to help them
only if their really close eg. family
Only if they've helped me out before
9Do you care what you do to others?
only if they don't care about what they do to others
i don't really do much so. . .
why would i?
i just hate people in general...
10is your goal to rule the world?
why yes . . .
my goals to destroy humanitly
i have no future goals . . .
it would be better is no one knew of my existance
11Are you sociable?
Only if im taking advantage of another person
not really . . . people tend to piss me off!
my friends and i hang out
yeah i guess i am
12Was this a good quiz? if so post or vote plz k thnx bye!
Yeah sure!
go to hell!
mabey . . .
no, why?
. . . me no understand?

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