Take this short quiz to find out what your main goal in life is!

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What`s your main purpose in life!?
Take this short quiz to find out what your main goal in life is! (Don`t take it too seriously people.)
personality test

1The most important thing in life is:
No idea..
2In 5-10 years time, you`d like to see yourself:
The owner of a large, successful business.
On a family vacation around the world.
Being happy.
I don`t even know what I`d like to do next year yet alone that far away.
Bloody rich.
3On an ideal Saturday night, you`re more often than not:
Rugged up with your partner.
Out on the town with friends.
Studying hard for the degree/Held back at work.
Whatever. Never know the plans `til the last minute.
Playing the pokies or trying to win some money somehow.
4At school, you spent(d) more time:
Catching up with friends.
With your partner/looking for a partner.
Looking at the clock.
Wishing you were rich enough to not need an education.
5The Glass is:
Half full.
Half empty.
6To get the most satisfaction out of life, people should:
Have children.
Party hard!
Study, work and research until you`re where you want to be.
Have money.
I don`t know, still figuring that one out.
Cost too much money.
Consume too much time.
Are little bundles of joy.
I love other peoples kids!
Why would anyone want one?
8The greatest legacy you plan on leaving behind would be:
Happy, healthy children.
Making the Forbes rich list.
Respect and admiration in your chosen career.
Knowing that you lived and loved life.
I`ll get back to you on that one.
9The most likely career path you would chose would be:
A Teacher/Childcare worker etc.
Something with a PhD/Master`s etc.
A Gambler/Pimp/Drug Dealer.
A life coach/personal motivator.
I`m undecided.
10You decide to go on a holiday. Which vacation sounds most suitable for you?
A trip with the family somewhere new and exciting.
Backpacking with friends.
An in-depth tour of the archaeology and history of Rome. (or any other city of your choice)
The Casinos in Vegas.
None of the above.

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