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Are you nice, mean, weird, or obnoxious?
Find out which one you are!
personality test

1You see someone with a heavy load. Do you...
Help them with it.
Keep walking.
Point and laugh at their struggling.
Push them over.
2You see two people fighting. Do you...
Cheer the fight on.
Call for help.
Break it up.
Get in the fight.
3You see an old lady that dropped her purse. Do you...
Take it.
Throw it around.
Count the sequins.
Pick it up and hand it to her.
4You go out on a date. Do you...
Take him/her to a movie.
Take her to your place immediatly.
Say they have cooties.
Pull a prank on them.
5You see an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend at Subway. Do you...
Ask them how they are doing.
Try to kiss them.
Curse at them.
Leave and go to McDonalds.

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