Ever wondered if you need to see a shrink? Take my quiz to find out if you do or not. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Should you see a therapist?
Ever wondered if you need to see a shrink? Take my quiz to find out if you do or not.
personality test

1Do you ever wish you were dead?
Almost every day or at least once a week. The thought is always in the back of my mind.
Occasionally. Maybe once or twice a year.
2How often do you feel anxious?
Occasionally. When I have alot of pressure on me or alot more responsibilities than usual.
Everyday. I get overwhelmed easily and I always feel stressed like I can't cope.
Sometimes I feel a bit anxious and worry about things more than I need to.
Very rarely/never.
3Do you ever plan how you could suicide yourself?
I have thought about once or twice but quickly focused my mind on other matters.
Yes. I have thought of many ways.
4Do you ever go out your way avoid talking to your friends/family members?
No not usually.
Yes. Alot of the time. I don't want them to see how unhappy/anxious/crazy I am.
Only when I get fed up with them and need time to myself.
Sometimes when I'm having a bad day which is about once a week.
5Do you snap at people and get easily irritated?
No I'm an easy-going person.
Yes quite a bit. I often find myself taking my anger out on other people.
6Do you always compare yourself or your life to other people and wish you had what they have?
No/very rarely.
All the time.
7How long do your relationships with a boyfriend/girlfriend usually last?
6 months or more.
A couple of weeks.
I am too young to answer this question.
I have been single for a long time because I don't want to have relationships.
I am married.
A couple of months.
I don't have relationships but I have one night stands!
8Do you ever hear voices in your head or have hallucinations?
Only when I take drugs.
9Why are you taking this quiz?
I thought it would be funny.
I'm curious as to whether I might need therapy.
I want to be 100% sure I need to see a therapist before paying for one.
I have alot of issues/ i am already in therapy and want to see if this quiz is right.
I was bored so I was just taking random quizzes.
10Are you currently on a diet?
I'm trying to eat better so I can lose a few pounds or be healthier but that's it.
I'm on a strict diet to be/ I am a size zero or less.
Yes but I have trouble sticking to my diet.

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