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Are you and your partner made for each other?
Take this short quiz to find out if the relationship you are in is the right one for you!
personality test

1Your partners taste in music is:
The same as mine.
Crap. (But I pretend I like it.)
2You have more `disagreements` about:
Keeping the house clean.
How many kids you want.
Stupid little things.
3You say jump, your partner says:
`How high?`
`Make me dinner.`
`What are you talking about?`
`Shut up.`
4Does your partner:
Criticise your friends?
Take you out at least once a week?
Surprise you often?
Complain too much?
Talk to their friends more than you?
5When it comes to food, you and your partner:
Have similar tastes.
Are complete opposites.
Are always keen to try new things.
Don`t really care all that much.
6Do you sometimes:
Fantasise about your partners friends?
Feel depressed in your relationship?
Wonder why you have the best partner ever?
Think its time to move on?
Wonder what the hell you`re doing with this person?
7Is your relationship:
The best you`ve ever had?
Getting a bit dull?
Need spicing up?
A flop?
8When it comes to conversation:
You and your partner share little in common.
You and your partner talk for hours about everything and anything.
We have a few interesting ones.
We hardly talk.
I pretend to be interested.
9You`re with your partner:
Until the end of time.
Until something better comes along.
Cause it seems right.
`Til I start getting bored.
For the money.
10Your partners family is:
An embarrassment.
Haven`t met them.
I try to avoid them.
They seem ok.
11You`d prefer:
A night in with your partner.
A night out on the town with your friends.
A bit of time alone.
A pet.
A new computer.
12When push comes to shove, you would always choose:
Your friends.
Your family.
Your God.
Your Partner.
A waffle.

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