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Are You Attractive?!
Find out if the ladies (or men) find you hot or not
personality test

1Overall, what do you look like?
I am incredibly sexy, and there is nothing wrong with me
I am average. There may be some flaws with me, but overall I cant complain
I am covered with warts and pimples, and anyone who sees me, screams in horror
I dont like myself that much, there are many flaws with me
2How are you in crowds or parties?
I talk to everyone, and everyone loves me
I talk to some people and they usually like me
I talk to few people, sometimes they talk to me, sometimes they laugh and run away
Anyone I talk to screams in agony and tries to run away as fast as possible
3What would you do on a first date?
Probably bring her (or him) to a fancy restaurant, and make out in the movies
probably fix something at my place, and watch a movie there, or something
I would probably go to a low class fast food joint and go from there
I dont know... every one that notices me runs away in terror
4What is your personality like?
I am charming, and I know what any girl (or guy) wants
I am an average talker; girls (guys) seem to like that... right???
I am usually quiet and nervous... i dont usually go on a second date
my date usually passes out from the severe uglyness i have
5Where do you see yourself in ten years?
As a doctor, lawyer, or such
Probably a firefighter, Police officer, etc.
mickey d's, subway, etc
Living in a van down by the river

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