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Why do I hate you so much?
Because you want to know!
personality test

1First of all, where do you live?
OMG! I can`t tell you that!
A beat-up Volkswagon van. It`s best for the environment.
Three bedroom, two bath home with both of my parents, my sibling, a dog, a cat, a goldfish, and a white picket fence.
Where do I *live*? What a vague term.
I know where YOU live...
2Do you love your parents?
I nevr met my parints.
OMG no! They`re total Nazis and they want to shut off my internet access and 3-way calling!
Yes, we all love each other very much.
Yes, society would not accept the fact that I do not love them.
I know who YOUR parents are...
3Which class did you sleep the most in?
I did not sleep through any of my classes. I stayed alert and made a perfect A+ in each one.
Lunch...they wouldn`t serve vegan foods. Or drugs.
OMG, history! OMG, so boring!
It is morally wrong to sleep in class.
4You spent your summers outside of school...
Thinking of ways to force people into saying Happy Holidays the next December.
I dunno, lots of stuff
We`d sit in our van for hours smoking weed and taking acid. Sometimes we went to concerts and animal rights protests, though.
Getting a tan, OMG!
Stalking random people...I got a few restraining orders.
5Which is/was your dream job?
Peace activist/Drug dealer
Lots of stuff, I dunno agian
I wanted to be a police officer so I could follow people home.
I wanted to work for a greeting card company.
6If you could use any object to kill a random person against their will, what would you use?
Why would I do such a thing? That is not right in the eyes of the Lord Our God.
Staple remover.
Banana peel.
My bare hands.
Some cheap weed.
7Which do you lie about the most?
My grades, ...yeah
Lying is wrong in the eyes of the Lord.
My age. I have to be 16 to use MySpace, OMG!
The number of people I`ve stalked.
I lie about nothing.
8Last question...if I bought you a YT key, what would you use it for?
Wot is YT?
I`d use the yellow envelopes to see which threads you have been in or not.
Whoring photographs, OMG!
The non-expiring questions.
That`s not Christian to buy members of an Internet site objects.

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