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Which U.S. Army Branch Should you Join?
Attempt (1) to make the best army branch test
personality test

1What would you rather do for the next few weeks?
Basic Training
Think about joining the army
Like basic training but harder and more fun
Work hard and earn the rank of 2nd class private at basic
2After all of Basic Training what would you do?
Get right into the action and try to ship out asap
stall and make up excuses
Take advanced training coures(i.e. airbourne school, sniper school, etc.)
3How would you go into battle?
Lots of tanks, in an all out offensive
Convertly surround and flank the enemy while the main force attacks the front
Drop in behind enemy lines and recruit the local militia to help with the battle
Soften the eneny lines up with a ferocious air attacks then move in
use precise artilery shots to key locations to aid the attacking force from a distance
Hid behind a tank (there is no way I am going to get myself killed)
4How dedicated are you to serving your country?
Has it been 4 years yet?
Die before Dishonor
This was not the best idea i have ever had...
My tour is over in only 1 month, nooooo!
5If you were alone in a foreign country and had no idea were you were, and you saw some locals near by would you...
walk to them and explain the situation
avoid them completely, you do not want to take the chance
Sneak into the village, and scope it out, see if they are friendly and gather intel
Catch one alone and food, then retreat back to the woods and find another way home
6Which TV character would you fight like?
John Wayne (invinsible)
The Pacifier (Movie, Navy Seal)
Charlie Sheen (Airforce, HOT SHOTS)
Any famous Navy Man, for lack of knollege of an example
7What is your preferred Weapon?
I do not want to use a weapon
assault rifle
sniper rifle
Large machine gun
8What is your favorite sport?
Is butterfly catching a sport
Tennis/Ping pong
Major Leage gaming
9If you returned from war to a country that hated you and were arrested for "resisting arrest" (not purposely) what would you do?
Accept it, throught the law you can seek you justice
At the opportune moment at the precinct take them all down, without killing them(Rambo)
take the police officer down before he can report you in
Call you comander and ask him to provide you with a very good lawyer
Make the police officer mad and when he goes to strike you counter and take him hostage

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