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Which US President are you most like?
By personality.
personality test

1The first thing I want people to notice about me is..
My charisma
My intelligence
My confidence
My strength
My sense of humor
2How do you feel about working in groups?
It can be enjoyable
It can be difficult
3How do you make important decisions?
By checking with everyone I know first
By deciding quickly with not much thought
By putting it off as long as I can
By giving it much thought, looking at it from every angle
4How do you usually feel after making important decisions?
5You have difficulty...
Working in a fast paced environment
Working with others
Working in a slow paced environment
Working with a schedule and routine
6One reason why someone would not want to work with me would be...
That my expectations are hard to meet
That it can be difficult for me to stay focused
That I don't usually share my ideas and thoughts
That I'm a little self centered
Not listed above

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