If you don't know the books that's fine. Oh, and this is my first quiz so, you know... Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What character from Gregor the Overlander?
If you don't know the books that's fine. Oh, and this is my first quiz so, you know...
personality test

1When confronted with a person much stronger than you, what do you do?
Get ready to fight, but avoid it if possible.
Instantly attack, you can take him!!!
Run away!
Call for someone to help you fight.
2If your friend calls for help, what do you do?
Run over and help them fight!
Run to tell an official about it.
Push your friend out of the way and take the guy down with a smile. >=3
3If a stranger calls for help, what do you do?
Go and see what they look like, and be specific about if you help them or not.
Help them whoever they may be.
Sit there. Watch them die. Then go and find an authority higher than you about it.
Attack both of them, no reason to take chances!
4When you feel like the world is against you, who do you go to and/or do?
Go to your closest friend, spill it all to them.
Keep to yourself, as always...
Tell no one, but instead, make a lie and get someone to belive you.
5What is your favorite past time?
Wait in you little secret area.
Family time
Sit. Alone.
Be with friends

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