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How do you value your life?
Title says it all.
personality test

1You were born.
I wonder why.
Not the best thing that happened.
Great! Now let’s make sure it was necessary.
So did milliards of others.
I’m thankful for that.
2How was your day?
Same as other days
Full of activity
It was a good day
Different than other days
3When you look in a mirror:
You see a person with a wide smile
You see a person that isn’t actually you
You want to smash the mirror
You see a tired person
It’s a reflection.
4You have one minute.
That’s 60 seconds and every single one is important.
Can I have another one?
You can keep it to yourself.
It’s interesting when you think about it.
I won’t waste it.
5Do you like being in a society?
I prefer being alone.
I often don’t notice people.
I like to stare at strangers.
I like socializing.
Depends on my mood.
6Things you think about before sleep:
Another day has ended
Things you’ll have to do next day
You dream a little
You fall asleep immediately
How much you could do if you didn’t need to sleep.
7Have you made any major changes in your life?
No. It’s good as it is.
I’m thinking about one.
Yes. I’m happy about it.
Nothing would really change something.
Small changes everyday.
8A random person smiles to you in a street.
You start to wonder why he is smiling.
You smile back and keep walking.
You never notice that.
That makes you a bit happier
Smiles irritate you
9Half full or half empty?
Half full and it could easily be full
If it’s not full, it’s useless
This question is overrated and everyone knows the meaning of the answer
I can see it in both ways
Half empty
10Quick! Think of the best moment in your life.
It took me about 10 seconds.
I’m not trying that hard.
I have more important things to think about.
Can’t decide with one.

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