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What are you going to be when you get older?
What are you going to be when you get older?
personality test

1You see a kitten in the middle of the road that's about to get ran over. What do you do?
go in front of the cat and wave your hands so the driver sees you
watch it die then take a picture and tell your friends you killed it
take a picture of the dead cat then post it on face book
scream and call the police
just run and grab it then throw it across the street
sit and eat a potato
2There's a shooting in your neighborhood. The police tell you to stay in your house. What do you do? Don't forget your dog is in your backyard..
panic and get your dog inside asap
go outside and take notes as they're shooting
ask about their guns and where they got them
run around in circles screaming
say who cares life is short anyways
sit down and eat a chocolate bar
3What video game do you like best?
i don't play video games i'm in to the real stuff
i have every game that comes out
Hannah Montana
nope i don't like video games but i would like cake
4Hurry, there's a play in your school coming up but no one can pick what play they should do so which one do you like best?
Cindy and the dancing cat
the missing treasure
nothing i don't do plays
i like every play i can't decide. im gonna be the main roll anyways
plays are boring
i don't know if i even had to be in a play i would wanna be the person who's eating
5There was a big storm yesterday and there's garbage everywhere. What do you do?
who cares about the garbage. is my dog okay?
i don't feel like cleaning so i would go to everyone's house on the street and make sure they're ok
i wouldn't even know about the garbage. i would be playing call of duty
i would walk out side and scream and call a maid and the fire department
i would clean it all up
i would have some left over pie
6There is no more chocolate. What do you do?
uh i never have chocolate because my dog can get to that
i would investigate on who ate it all
i wouldn't care!!!
i would scream and freak out on where the chocolate is
uh i don't care there's no point but, i would get pretty mad
i would have some ice cream
7Random question - just pick something that describes you.
boring in a fun way
drama queen

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