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Do you love nature?
the title says it all.
personality test

1You see a small dying plant in the dirt what do you do?
You grab the plant and plant it in a pot at home and care for it.
You ignore it.
You step on it or burn it
You think it will survive by it's own against the forces of nature
You give it some water and walk away
2Do you put your trash in trash cans?
Yes if i don't it will hurt the enviroment.
Yea because the sign says to.
No I throw it wherever I want to and when I want to.
I dont care where i throw it and even if something chokes on it.
Yea dont want anything to choke on it.
3If you had/have a plant would you take care of it?
Yes I would water it every day, fertilize it if I wanted to and even prune once and a while.
Yea just water it and maybe fertilize it.
Yup just water it though
Meh! It could survive on it's own.
Why would I care for it? It's a stupid plant nobody cares.
4Would you plant a tree if you could?
Yes it would improve the enviroment and make home for animal as well
Yea it would make the scenery more beautiful.
If I was told to or get a prize.
Nah! Who cares other people will do it.
Ha! Not even on my death bed would i do that.
5which type of biome do you like?
Forest/rainforest. There are so many beautiful things in there.
The ocean full of marvles but not much vegetation.
A long grassy plain. Just a long carpet of grass to lay on.
A desert. Big but scarce enough to build a real estate.
The city. Why be in the green place when all you love is in here.
6Do you recycle?
Yes it helps the enviroment a lot.
Yea why waste things that could be used again.
Yea because I get money from it.
No wish I could though.
Ha! No! Why would I do that.
7Do you use natural energy?(example:geothermal,solar, and wind energy)
Yes I really depend on it and so does the enviroment.
Yea because it's cleaner.
Yea because it makes me fell good about myself.
No wish I could though.
No why do that when you can energy from the machine.
What the heck is that supposed to mean.
8What do you think about nature?
Beautiful and marvelous.
calming and relaxing.
Stupid and worthless.
rather not answer.
It's okay but not perfect.

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