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Dragon Type Quiz
"Become" a dragon by taking this quiz!
personality test

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1 month ago - Sunday 7/13/14 - 9:07:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
Dragon Type Quiz

Dragon of Ice  

Cold hearted and unwelcoming, your personal motto is likely "every dragon for himself." Living in the coldest and harshest of environments has hardened your heart into a frozen stone. Dragons of Ice give love to no dragon except for their young, and that's only for a month or two before they shoo them out of their snow burrows. You will eat anything you can get your claws on, and will easily injure or even kill an invading dragon.
1 month ago - Monday 7/14/14 - 1:52:11 AM EST (GMT-5)
Good job.
1 month ago - Monday 7/28/14 - 6:10:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
Dragon of Nature

You are helpful and kindhearted, and you have a soft spot for animals. As humans would call it, you're a " tree- hugger." Although you're not especially fierce, you always come up with a strategy for war. Dragons of Nature usually get around by leaping from tree to tree, and though you can fly, you would rather stay closer to the ground by the trees and animals. You're not usually noticed by the other dragons because you're smaller than them, but when you are, they tend to listen to your great ideas. Your main diet is vegetation, and you also have a knack for healing and tonics.

Seems like me, good job!

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