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Are you depressed?
Well, are you?
personality test

1How well do you sleep at night?
It's great! I fall asleep in time and I don't wake up til it's time to get up.
I have trouble falling asleep and I might wake up in the middle of the night now and then
It takes hours for me to fall asleep and/or I don't sleep that well.
I can't fall asleep. And when I finally do, I don't feel I've slept well when I wake up.
I'm constantly tired, yet I can't fall asleep! And whenever I do fall asleep, I'm still very tired.
2Do you feel happy often?
Yes, I always have a smile on my face!
Yeah, I do feel happy once in a while.
Naah.. I guess I'm pretty happy, but I seldom feel real joy..
No.. I'm never happy, and I hardly ever laugh.
No. I always feel down or sad, never happiness.
3Have you had suicidal thoughts?
No! I want to live :)
Maybe it has happened.. but I don't really want to die.
Yeah.. i guess. It happens now and then, but I haven't tried to kill myself.
Yes..I get suicidal thoughts at least once a week.. Haven't followed through though.
Yes.. I've even tried once to kill myself/Yes, I've thought seriously about it
4How often do you cry or feel sad?
Only when something asaddening occurs
Sometimes I have bad days
I feel sad quite often, once a week maybe
I'm always sad, but I don't really cry that much..
I'm always sad and I cry a lot.
5Do you eat much?
Yes, I eat at least three square meals per day.
I eat some everyday, I eat enough.
I don't really like to eat.. but I do it when I get hungry.
I do not eat everyday. Buy somedays I do eat :P
I don't eat.
6How's your hygiene?
Uhh.. it's ok.
I'm often to tired to shower everyday, or brush my teeth..
Too sad to care about my looks.. Showers when I start to smell
Too tired. Might shower once a week :P
7Do you hang out with your friends a lot?
Yes! Everyday!
Yeah, sure! Not all the time, but yeah.
Naahh.. I'm often by myself :P
I don't want to be with my friends.. I want to be alone.
I'm too tired, or I just don't feel like hanging with them.
8Has anyone close to you told you you look a bit down?
No, not recently, no.
Naah.. someone might have, but not that I recall.
Yeah.. My friends and/or family has asked me if anything has happened.
Yes, some of my friends ask how I feel...
Yes, my friends have noticed that I'm not the same and they wnat to know if everything's okay.
9Last question: do you think you're depressed?
No, I think I'm not. :)
Nah, I don't really think so :P
Yes.. I do think so.
Yeah, I know so.

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