This quiz is set by me to decide whether you're good with a backbone or just let people walk all over you.  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Do you have a good attitude, or do you lack a backbone?
This quiz is set by me to decide whether you're good with a backbone or just let people walk all over you.
personality test

1If someone pushes you down while you're walking in a crowded area and doesn't say anything, just walks away, you...
Stand up and keep going like it didn't happen.
Get up and pull him back and ask him what the hell he was thinking.
Get up and tackle him to the ground.
Apologize to the person who knocked you down
Make sure you get his attention , then make sure you convince him to watch where he's going.
Get up and turn him around and shove him, start talking tough and threaten to beat him up.
Shrug it off and mutter some words before continuing on.
2If you see someone in trouble or getting beaten up, you...
Watch from the background, hoping that the person will be alright.
Walk up to the scene and break it up, telling the bulley that he'll get it if he doesn't walk away.
Join in the fun, It's fun to beat people up >:]
Hide, thinking you're next.
Walk up, pull the guy away, kick him in the shin, then help the hurt person.
Call out 'Brawl!' and start beating up anyone around you
Stand in the crowd and watch casually.
Go for help.
3People are circling around you and another person because you're about to fight. You..
Give them one last chance to back down.
Try to get out of the circle casually.
Try to run out of the circle
Ask him if he's got any friends he wants to invite
Crack your neck and grit your teeth, ready to fight.
4You're walking at night and someone attempts to rob you. He has a knife. You...
Give him all your money as he asked and wait until he leaves.
Tell him to get lost, because you have a knife too.
Start beating the crap out of him.
Run like hell.
Give him a warning, and if he refuses attack.
Pull out your knife and stab at him without a word.
5Finally, if you're in a class and someone pulls out a gun and threatens the class, you..
Follow orders until there's an open moment, then attack.
Follow orders exactly, even if they involve endangering others.
Rush at him before they gets the chance to give an order.
Oblidge willingly, gain their trust, then attack.
Call them out for being a wuss and having to resort to this.
Ask them why they're doing this and try to talk them out of it.
Follow orders to a certain degree, but try to help whoever is planning to resist.

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