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Are you a good friend?
This will tell you if you're a good friend.
personality test

1If your friend is unpopular, do you pretend not to be their friend at school or you don't care what anyone thinks? (Be honest, tell the truth)
my friends are all popular, no one cares about the non populars
maybe just a little.
no i don't care what anyone thinks, they can make fun of me before i ignore them.
2Your best friend is being crazy in front of every one, what do you do?
hey dude, don't act crazy cause i don't want you to be mad fun of.
stop it you idiot.
join there craziness.
3If someone makes fun of your friend what do you say to the other person?
shut the f**k up you b***h
hey, you better be nice to my friend or you will pay (then punches them when they continue)
let your friend fight there own battles
come on buddy, lets go some where else.
4If you are mean to your friend because you're grouchy what do you do?
apologize right away
hate them for the rest of your life.
wish they were dead.
wait for an apology
what fight, me and my friends never get into a fight. (does not affect your outcome)
5Your friend flirts with you but they're the same gender and you do not like the same gender, what do you do?
ew, run away.
tell them its ok to like me but just know i wont ever like you back.
let them down easy
6A friend likes you and they're the opposite gender what do you do?
go on a date with them to give them a chance.
ew gross get away from me.
let them know easily that you don't like them so there feelings don't get hurt.
what friend, all my friends have a crush on me. (too snobby)

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